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Title: Assessment of mine waste secondary prospectivity: Iron Blow and Mount Bonnie, Northern Territory
Report id: NTGS Record 2023-015
Year: 2023
Author: Gomes, AS
Bhowany, K
Jackson, L
Han, Z
Parbhakar-Fox A
Abstract: The Mt Bonnie and Iron Blow sites are approximately 140 km southeast of Darwin, Northern Territory. Specifically, this study focusses on critical metals In, Co, Sb and Bi, however, the ore commodities (Ag, Au, Pb, and Zn) have also been assessed. Following an integrated chemistry-mineralogy program ('Stream 1'), sampled tailings and waste rocks (n=87) were assessed to determine the potential for economic rehabilitation. Based on the collected data, the mine waste in Mt Bonnie contain: 4,453 ppm Zn, 15,163 ppm Pb, 2.5 g/t Au and 68 g/t Ag, while those of Iron Blow are 0.9 % Zn, 6,865 ppm Pb, 4.8 ppm Au and 120 ppm Ag.
Publisher: Northern Territory Geological Survey
Document Type: NTGS Record
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Date Added: 4-Dec-2023
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