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Title: Geological interpretation and structural analysis of the northwest Aileron and southwest Davenport provinces
Report ID: DIP035
GIS version: ESRI SHP, 07/12/2021
MapInfo, 07/12/2021
Year: 2021
Author: Blaikie, TN
McFarlane, H
Cahill, K
Ibrahimi, T
Geological Province: Aileron Province
Arunta Region
Davenport Province
Tanami Region
Map250: Barrow Creek SF5306
Mount Theo SF5208
Mount Solitaire SF5204
Lander River SF5301
Mount Peake SF5305
Subject: Geophysics
Geological interpretation
Geological models
Aeromagnetic data
Radiometric data
Gravity data
Stratigraphy: Lander Rock Formation
Dead Bullock Formation
Killi Killi Formation
Hatches Creek Group
Windajong Granite
Koonoonyeri Granite
Anmatjira Orthogneiss
Reynolds Range Group
Redhackle Granite
Vaughan Springs Quartzite
Abstract: This DIP contains a report detailing results from a co-funded, collaborative project between the NTGS and CSIRO along with a solid geology GIS and suite of geophysical images. The project includes interpretation of the NTGS Mount Peake – Crawford airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, which was acquired in 2019 over the northern Aileron and southwest Davenport provinces. This survey links with the 2018 NTGS Tanami Region airborne magnetic and radiometric survey providing seamless high-resolution magnetic and radiometric coverage from the Western Australian border southeast to 150 km south of Tennant Creek. The project provides further processing and image enhancements of the new magnetic and radiometric data and uses these to construct a solid geological and structural map of parts of the MOUNT THEO, MOUNT SOLITAIRE and LANDER RIVER 1:250K map sheets and the whole of the MOUNT PEAKE AND BARROW CREEK 1:250K map sheets. This work seamlessly links with the interpretation completed in the CSIRO-NTGS Tanami Project: Aeromagnetic interpretation of the Tanami Region (NTGS Digital Information Packages 21 and 22).
Publisher: Northern Territory Geological Survey
ISSN: 1445-5358
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Accompanying report: Blaikie T, McFarlane H, Cahill K and Ibrahimi T (2021) Geological interpretation and structural analysis of the northwest Aileron and southwest Davenport provinces. CSIRO, Australia. EP211622
Document Type: NTGS Digital Information Package
GIS Data
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