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Title: X-ray diffraction data of shales from the greater McArthur Basin
Report ID: NTGS Record 2021-010
Year: 2021
Author: Revie, D
Jarrett, AJM
Drillhole/Well Name: DD90VRB2;  Bullo River 1;  BB2;  BB5;  BB6;  BCD001;  DD82CA1;  GR10;  MANT78/1;  MBXDD001;  McA20;  WM6;  McA5;  Borrowdale 2;  Golden Grove 1;  Prince of Wales 1;  FFD4;  Balmain 1;  Burdo 1;  Chanin 1;  Elliott 1;  Jamison 1;  Ronald 1;  Scarborough 1;  Shea 1;  Shenandoah 1 & 1A;  Broughton 1;  MANT79/2;  McA16;  McA18;  MRSD03;  YN9702D;  YN9701D;  LMDH1;  LMDH2;  LMDH3;  LMDH4;  LMDH5;  LMDH7;  LMDH8;  LMDH10;  McA3;  BD016;  McA17;  BD013;  BD014;  BRC026;  ZK4001;  Alexander 1;  Altree 2;  Broadmere 1;  Friendship 1;  Lady Penrhyn 2;  McManus 1;  Sever 1;  Tanumbirini 1;  Tarlee S3;  Walton 2;  MD4;  14MCDDH001;  14MCDDH002;  Boom 1;  DDH BMR Mount Young 1;  BMR McArthur River 2;  BMR Urapunga 4;  BMR Urapunga 5;  BMR Urapunga 3;  DDH BMR Mount Young 2;  DDH 82-6 (Cat Fish 1)
COREDAT ID: 1542;  1848;  1075;  1078;  1079;  1599;  296;  1081;  34;  4464;  122;  1097;  90;  1844;  1917;  2001;  1754;  1833;  1849;  1870;  1908;  1937;  2009;  2013;  2015;  4266;  1846;  35;  132;  708;  1739;  1740;  3325;  3334;  3326;  3327;  3328;  3329;  3331;  3332;  134;  4088;  120;  4089;  4090;  4389;  1823;  1825;  1845;  1916;  1950;  1973;  2014;  4513;  4497;  2053;  84;  4500;  4501;  1601
Geological Province: McArthur Basin
Beetaloo Sub-basin
Birrindudu Basin
Map250: Blue Mud Bay SD5307
Urapunga SD5310
Auvergne SD5215
Larrimah SD5313
Hodgson Downs SD5314
Mount Young SD5315
Tanumbirini SE5302
Bauhinia Downs SE5303
Limbunya SE5207
Walhallow SE5307
Subject: Hydrocarbon
Shale analysis
Thermal maturity
X ray diffraction
Stratigraphy: Amos Knob Formation
Barney Creek Formation
Corcoran Formation
Diamond Creek Volcanics
Kyalla Formation
Lynott Formation
Mainoru Formation
Mallabah Dolostone
Mallapunyah Formation
Reward Dolostone
Vaughton Siltstone
Velkerri Formation
Caranbirini Member
Amungee Member
Kalala Member
Wyworrie Member
Wollogorang Formation
Roper Group
Limbunya Group
Nathan Group
Margery Formation
Tooganinie Formation
Yalco Formation
Abstract: The Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) has been assessing the unconventional hydrocarbon potential of the greater McArthur Basin. A component of this assessment is understanding the bulk and clay mineralogy of shales from the basin succession to determine their heterogeneity, brittleness, and thermal maturity.
Between 2015 and 2017, NTGS contracted Weatherford Laboratories (Australia) Pty Ltd to undertake X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyses on shales from various stratigraphic units across the greater McArthur basin. This Record includes tabulations of XRD data for 469 shale samples from 71 drill cores and one outcrop site; it also includes the associated diffractograms for 158 of those samples.
The results highlight the differences in bulk and clay mineralogy between each of the different shale units across the McArthur Basin. This is reflected in differences in the calculated brittleness indices and the Kübler index. Each shale unit also contained internal variations, with the brittleness index ranging from moderately ductile to brittle. This demonstrates heterogeneity within each formation. The Kübler index was also varied between each shale unit; however, some units had a wide range in values while others were more closely constrained.
The data from the Velkerri and Kyalla formations presented herein was used as a part of the unconventional petroleum resource assessment of the Roper Group (Revie 2017). Tabulated raw data for all of the formations across the greater McArthur Basin is included in NTGS’s DIP 014 (Revie et al 2021) and will be used for future resource assessments.
Publisher: Northern Territory Geological Survey
ISSN: 1445-5358
Document Type: NTGS Record
Access Constraint: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Please observe and retain any copyright or related notices that accompany this material and give attribution to: Northern Territory of Australia (Northern Territory Geological Survey).
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