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Title: Characterisation of the Neoproterozoic succession of the northeastern Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory
Report ID: NTGS Record 2020-010
Year: 2020
Author: Normington, VJ
Donnellan, N
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Subject: Stratigraphy
Sedimentary geology
Stratigraphy: Heavitree Formation
Bitter Springs Formation
Gillen Formation
Loves Creek Formation
Johnnys Creek Formation
Wallara Formation
Areyonga Formation
Aralka Formation
Ringwood Member
Limbla Member
Olympic Formation
Pioneer Sandstone
Gaylad Sandstone
Pertatataka Formation
Waldo Pedlar Member
Cyclops Member
Julie Formation
Abstract: The Neoproterozoic to Palaeozoic Amadeus Basin is a large (~170 000 km2), elongate intracratonic basin in central Australia, located predominantly in the Northern Territory but extending into Western Australia. It preserves a depositional history spanning the Neoproterozoic to Devonian, which is punctuated by a number of epeirogenic, orogenic and erosional episodes that have resulted in unconformities and time breaks of local and/or regional extent. In addition, there is a recognised, but poorly documented, contribution of halotectonic activity during both depositional and tectonic periods of basin history. The focus of this study is the Neoproterozoic succession of the Amadeus Basin; this is best exposed along the structurally controlled northeast margin of the basin, which therefore was the location of the field investigations.
This Record addresses the lack of type sections and formal definitions for some units, and provides the first formal definitions for other units. The work has resulted in important revisions to the stratigraphy of the Neoproterozoic succession of the Amadeus Basin, including the promotion of the Bitter Springs Formation and its constituent Gillen, Loves Creek and Johnnys Creek members to group and formation status respectively, as well as the formalisation of the 'Finke beds' as the Wallara Formation. For each of the units in the Neoproterozoic succession, the following topics are addressed:
- diagnostic outcrop characteristics
- derivation of name and synonymy
- distribution of type and reference sections
- lithology and thickness
- bedding characteristics, sedimentary structures and fossils
- age, contacts and correlative units.
In addition, this Record includes numerous field images with detailed captions documenting the main characteristics of the units.
Publisher: Northern Territory Geological Survey
ISSN: 1443-1149
ISBN: 9780724573684 (PDF)
Document Type: NTGS Record
Access Constraint: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Please observe and retain any copyright or related notices that accompany this material and give attribution to: Northern Territory of Australia (Northern Territory Geological Survey).
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