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Title: Revised stratigraphy for NTGS stratigraphic drillholes LA05DD01 and BR05DD01, western Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory
Report ID: NTGS Record 2020-007
Year: 2020
Author: Normington, VJ
Allen, HJ
Edgoose, CJ
Haines, PW
Grey, K
Drillhole/Well Name: LA05DD01;  BR05DD01
COREDAT ID: 3983;  3984
Geological Province: Amadeus Basin
Map250: Lake Amadeus SG5204
Bloods Range SG5203
Map100: Mount Murray 5049
Unapproachable 4949
Subject: Stratigraphy
Stratigraphy: Stairway Sandstone
Horn Valley Siltstone
Pacoota Sandstone
Illara Sandstone
Tempe Formation
Arumbera Sandstone
Julie Formation
Aralka Formation
Ringwood Member
Areyonga Formation
Wallara Formation
Bitter Springs Group
Johnnys Creek Formation
Loves Creek Formation
Abstract: A revised stratigraphy is presented in this Record for two Northern Territory Geological Survey stratigraphic drillholes,LA05DD01 and BR05DD01, located in the western Amadeus Basin in the Northern Territory. The revisions include new boundary picks and updates to stratigraphic nomenclature to align with amended stratigraphy of the Neoproterozoic succession in the Amadeus Basin. Revisions have also been made to the Palaeozoic stratigraphy based on the authors' field observations.
Drillhole LA05DD01 now includes the Stairway and Illara sandstones, Horn Valley Siltstone and Julie Formation, and revised thicknesses of the Pacoota, Petermann and Arumbera sandstones, and the Tempe Formation. The Stairway Sandstone and Horn Valley Siltstone were identified in previously unlogged drill cuttings. Intervals now recognised as the Illara Sandstone and probable Julie Formation were previously included as part of the Petermann Sandstone and Arumbera Sandstone respectively.
Drillhole BR05DD01 now includes an equivalent to the Pertatataka Formation and the Aralka Formation and an equivalent to its constituent Ringwood Member, as well as the Areyonga, Wallara, Johnnys Creek and Loves Creek formations. The succession originally identified as the Pertatataka Formation is now included in the Pertatataka Formation equivalent and the Aralka Formation. The interval originally identified as the Bitter Springs Formation now includes the Wallara Formation, and the Johnnys Creek and Loves Creek formations of the Bitter Springs Group.
Biostratigraphic evidence supports the stratigraphic revisions. In BR05DD01, stromatolite taxa typical of the Aralka, Wallara, and Loves Creek formations are present. In addition, rare palynomorphs are present but are currently of limited use for biostratigraphy.
Publisher: Northern Territory Geological Survey
ISSN: 1443-1149
ISBN: 9780724573677 (PDF)
Document Type: NTGS Record
Access Constraint: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Please observe and retain any copyright or related notices that accompany this material and give attribution to: Northern Territory of Australia (Northern Territory Geological Survey).
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