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1972Results of drilling and trenching Charlotte Range proposed ballast site temporary mining reserve No. 341, N.T.-GS1972-0211 file
1986Summary report on 1982 stratigraphic drilling Huckitta 1:250,000 map sheet area-GS1986-0131 file
1974Lewis' prospect - diamond drilling-GS1974-0221 file
1991BHP sampling of NTGS Elkedra holes-GS1991-0101 file
1976Mount Bundey stratigraphic diamond drill hole-GS1976-0071 file
1981Finniss River stratigraphic drilling, 1981-GS1981-0501 file
1975Detailed investigation of proposed railway ballast sites 2 and 3. Mining Reserve No.369 James Ranges : Rodinga 1:250 000 Sheet Area SG53-2 Northern Territory-GS1975-0331 file
1965Report on the diamond drilling at Kohinoor & Eleanor leases, Pine Creek, Agicondi goldfield, Northern Territory-GS1965-0091 file
1968Geological investigations of foundations for television mast, Blake Street, Darwin, N.T.-GS1968-0131 file
1977Investigations on the Harry Creek copper-zinc prospect-GS1977-0191 file
1980Diamond drilling investigations, 1978, Birrindudu magnetic anomaly, N.T.-GS1980-0061 file
1983Data Record for the Fog Bay 1:100 000 sheet-GS1983-0011 file
1972The phlogopite mine base metal prospect, Strangways Range : Alice Springs 1:250,000 sheet area SF53-14, Northern Territory-GS1972-0121 file
1975The Mount Larrie copper prospect, Mount Liebig 1:250 000 sheet area SF52-16, Northern Territory-GS1975-0021 file
1966Diamond drill report, Undoolya Gap copper prospect-GS1966-0011 file
1974The McKinley gold mine, N.T. : results of diamond drilling-GS1974-0171 file
1966Diamond drilling results, Evelyn mine, N.T.-GS1966-0081 file
1979Diamond drilling investigations 1978, Teacup Tin Mine, Burrundie area, N.T.-GS1979-0031 file
1969Geological notes on Coles Hill copper prospect, Strangways Range, N.T.-GS1970-0121 file
1974Mount Diamond copper mine, Northern Territory : drilling assessment of lode below 750 feet, 1973-GS1974-0211 file
1975The Moyle Dam coal prospect Mining Reserve No. 216 : Alice Springs 1:250,000 sheet area, SF53-14 Northern Territory-GS1975-0121 file
1985Buchanan Highway drilling results : diamond drill hole BH1-GS1985-0081 file
1983Data record for the Daly River 1:100 000 sheet-GS1983-0201 file
1979Diamond drilling investigations, 1978 Union extended gold mine, N.T.-GS1979-0081 file
1981Technical Report - Margaret Tin Mine-GS1981-0021 file
1972The Stokes yard base metal prospect, Hermannsburg-GS1972-0251 file
1979Diamond drillhole report Paddy's Plain DDH 1-GS1979-0271 file
1973Gunn Point clay investigation-GS1973-0171 file
1985Geology of the Taylor 1:100 000 map sheet, Northern Territory-GS1985-0041 file
1979Geological report on the feasibility of a dam on the Hugh River at Birthday Gap-GS1979-0101 file
1979Report on the feasibility of a dam on the Todd River (Alice Springs 1:250,000 sheet SF 53-14)-GS1979-0091 file
1990Geology of the Northwest section of the Kulgera 1:250,000 sheet - Angas, Western Ebenezer, and northwestern Sentinel Bore 1:100,000 sheets-GS1990-0011 file
1982Detailed materials investigation for a railway corridor west of Lake Woods, Northern Territory-GS1982-0111 file
1965Diamond drill hole at Mount Shoobridge, N.T.-GS1965-0131 file
1975Geological investigation of Bennett's damsite on PL767 in the Batchelor area-GS1975-0191 file
1975Report on the Haasts Bluff copper prospects-GS1975-0171 file
1977Diamond drilling investigations, Lewis' manganese prospect-GS1977-0081 file
1973Investigation of Kulgera (Area 4) railway ballast site, mining reserve no. 342-GS1973-0021 file
1973Alligator Rivers aggregate investigation-GS1974-0011 file
1969Investigations made in the Red Bluff area, Tennant Creek, N.T.-GS1969-0091 file
1970Mines Branch drilling programme, Beetson's iron ore prospect, Rum Jungle area, 1970-GS1970-0021 file
1978Diamond drilling investigations 1975-77, Mount Wells tin mine, NT-GS1978-0131 file
1972The Docker River copper prospects, Petermann Reserve : Bloods Range 1:250,000 sheet area SG52-3, Northern Territory-GS1972-0071 file
1983Coal and lignite occurrences in the southern part of the Northern Territory-GS1983-0141 file
1975Barite occurrences in the Northern Territory-GS1975-0211 file
1979Minor diamond drilling investigations Pine Creek area, N.T., 1978 - 79-GS1979-0191 file
1978South Alligator stratigraphic drilling-GS1978-0021 file
1971The Rock Hill copper prospect, Yuendumu, Mount Doreen : 1:250,000 sheet area SF 52-12, Northern Territory-GS1970-0011 file
1996Helen Springs stratigraphic drilling 1996 : Nilly Waterhole-GS1996-0041 file
1979Diamond drilling investigations, 1978 North Ringwood Mines, N.T.-GS1979-0061 file
Results 1-50 of 85 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).