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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
1991BHP sampling of NTGS Elkedra holes-GS1991-0101 file
1990Geology of the Northwest section of the Kulgera 1:250,000 sheet - Angas, Western Ebenezer, and northwestern Sentinel Bore 1:100,000 sheets-GS1990-0011 file
1996Helen Springs stratigraphic drilling 1996 : Nilly Waterhole-GS1996-0041 file
1990Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag mineralisation within the Pine Creek 1:100 000 sheet-GS1990-0161 file
1999Birrindudu -Victoria River Basins proposed drilling programme-NTGS Record 1999-006NTGSRec1999-006.pdf.jpg1 file
1990Petroleum Basin Studies: Bonaparte Basin-GS1990-0101 file
1994Petroleum Basin Studies: Amadeus Basin update-GS1994-0111 file
1999Resource drilling for sand and gravel in parts of Litchfield Shire-NTGS Record 1999-009NTGSRec1999-009.pdf.jpg1 file
1990Petroleum Basin Studies: Eromanga Basin-GS1990-0082 files
1994Petroleum Basin Studies: Georgina Basin-GS1994-0101 file
1990Petroleum Basin Studies: Eastern Amadeus Basin-GS1990-0091 file
1998Stuart Highway CH 34 to 122 km, strategic pavement materials resource evaluation-NTGS Record 1999-005NTGSRec1999-005.pdf.jpg1 file
1999Northern Territory mineral occurrence database (MODAT) : system documentation. Version 1.0-NTGS Record 1999-002NTGSRec1999-001.pdf.jpg1 file
1999Proposed sand-clay fill extractive site: Jessie Gap, Ross Highway, Alice Springs.-NTGS Record 1999-004NTGSRec1999-004.pdf.jpg1 file
1999Summary of field observations in the Huckitta region, NE Arunta Inlier, July - August 1998.-NTGS Record 1999-001NTGSRec1999-001.pdf.jpg1 file
1995A guide to the geology and landforms of central Australia--Guide_geological_landforms_of_central_Australia.pdf.jpg1 file
1997An introduction to the petroleum geology of the Northern Territory of Australia--Introduction_Petroleum_Geology_NT.pdf.jpg1 file
1999Atlas of the mineral occurrences and petroleum fields of the Northern Territory-NTGS Report 10NTGSRep10.pdf.jpg1 file
1990Cambrian palaeontology of the Daly Basin-NTGS Report 7NTGSRep7.pdf.jpg1 file
1999Gold deposits of the Northern Territory-NTGS Report 11NTGSRep11.pdf.jpg1 file
1994A contribution of geology, petrology and geochemistry to the Cullen Batholith and related hydrothermal activity responsible for mineralization, Pine Creek Geosyncline, Northern Territory-NTGS Report 8NTGSRep8.pdf.jpg1 file
1998Cambrian palaeontology of the eastern Wiso and western Georgina Basins-NTGS Report 9NTGSRep9.pdf.jpg1 file
Results 1-22 of 22 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).
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