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2013Summary of results. Joint NTGS-GA geochronology project: Central and eastern Arunta Region, January 2008 - June 2011-NTGS Record file
2005Review of source rocks in the Amadeus Basin-NTGS Record 2004-008NTGSRec2004-008.pdf.jpg1 file
2007Phosphate testing of waterbores and diamond drillcore in the Georgina, Wiso and Daly basins, Northern Territory-NTGS Record file
2015Methodology for shale analysis of onshore basins, Northern Territory: a compilation of analytical methodologies used by Weatherford Laboratories (Australia) Pty Ltd-NTGS Record 2015-004NTGSRec2015-004.pdf.jpg1 file
2019Summary of results. Re-Os molybdenite dating of copper and tungsten mineralisation in the Tennant Creek mineral field, and Hatches Creek and Mosquito Creek tungsten fields, Warramunga Province-NTGS Record 2019-009NTGSRec2019-009.pdf.jpg1 file
2018Summary of results. Joint NTGS - GA geochronology project: Amadeus Basin, July 2017-June 2018-NTGS Record file
2001The Geology of the McArthur Basin in the Mount Evelyn 1:250 000 sheet area, Northern Territory.-NTGS Record 2001-010NTGSRec2001-010.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Characterisation of the Neoproterozoic succession of the northeastern Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory-NTGS Record 2020-010NTGSRec2020-010.pdf.jpg1 file
2022Atlas of spectral reflectance rock characteristics, Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia-NTGS Record file
2000Operations and processing report, Rum Jungle area airborne geophysical survey, NTGS 1999 (flown by WGC, covering parts of Darwin and Pine Creek 1:250 000 map sheets)-NTGS Record 2000-002NTGSRec2000-002.pdf.jpg1 file