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1975Report on the Haasts Bluff copper prospects-GS1975-0171 file
2019Summary of results. Joint NTGS-GA geochronology project: greater McArthur Basin, July 2017-August 2018-NTGS Record file
1984The investigation of dolines developed across the northern Wiso Basin, Northern Territory-GS1991-0181 file
2018Summary of results. Joint NTGS-GA geochronology project: Base metal and tungsten mineralisation, and skarn alteration in the Aileron Province, July 2017-June 2018-NTGS Record file
1975Detailed investigation of proposed railway ballast sites 2 and 3. Mining Reserve No.369 James Ranges : Rodinga 1:250 000 Sheet Area SG53-2 Northern Territory-GS1975-0331 file
1976Mount Bundey stratigraphic diamond drill hole-GS1976-0071 file
2019Summary of results. NTGS LA-ICP-MS U-Pb geochronology project: selected samples from HENBURY 1:250 000 mapsheet, Amadeus Basin, July 2016-June 2017-NTGS Record file
2019Summary of results. 40Ar/39Ar step-heating muscovite dating, Wolfram Hill (MOUNT DOREEN) tungsten-copper deposit, Aileron Province-NTGS Record file
2017The Vaughton Siltstone of the northern McArthur Basin: preliminary data and issues related to assessing its potential as a petroleum source rock-NTGS Technical Note 2017-0021 file
2000Operations and processing report, Amadeus West airborne geophysical survey, NTGS 1999 (flown by AGS covering parts of Bloods Range, Lake Amadeus, Henbury, Mount Rennie and Mount Liebig 1:250 000 map sheets)-NTGS Record 2000-004NTGSRec2000-004.pdf.jpg1 file