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1983Alice Springs - Darwin railway investigation : geology-GS1983-0121 file
1986Darwin - Alice Springs railway : preliminary ballast investigations Lake Woods area-GS1986-0261 file
1978Drilling assistance at the Bynoe Harbour leases, 1976-77-GS1978-0071 file
1979Geological investigations at the Molyhil scheelite mine, Central Australia : Huckitta 1:250,000 sheet area - SF 53-11-GS1979-0161 file
1975A summary of investigations within reserve No. 275, Mary River, N.T.-GS1975-0011 file
1982Regional drilling program, 1982-GS1982-0181 file
1967Diamond drill report, Ringwood copper prospect-GS1967-0041 file
1972Investigation of railway ballast sites, mining reserve no. 344, James Ranges, Northern Territory-GS1972-0091 file
1971The Clark copper mine, Mount Doreen, Northern Territory-GS1971-0021 file
1969Geology of the McKinley silver/lead prospect-GS1969-0111 file
1980Ground magnetometer survey over the Mud Tank carbonatite occurrence-GS1980-0011 file
1958Summary of the prospecting and developmental work at the Adelaide River Uranium Mine, N.T.-GS1958-0041 file
1985Results of government investigations in the Mary River Mining Reserve (MR 275)-GS1985-0101 file
1978Diamond drilling investigations, 1977, Big Julie tin mine, N.T.-GS1978-0231 file
1981Final report on the Mordor Complex, Central Australia-GS1981-0481 file
1990Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag mineralisation within the Pine Creek 1:100 000 sheet-GS1990-0161 file
2017Summary of results. NTGS LA ICP MS geochronology project: Jervois mineral field, Aileron Province, May 2014 - December 2014-NTGS Record file
2017The Vaughton Siltstone of the northern McArthur Basin: preliminary data and issues related to assessing its potential as a petroleum source rock-NTGS Technical Note 2017-0021 file
2017Unconventional petroleum resources of the Roper Group, McArthur Basin-NTGS Record 2017-002NTGSRec2017-002.pdf.jpg1 file
2017Kyalla and middle Velkerri Resource Assessment: Gorrie, Beetaloo, OT Downs, and Broadmere Sub-basins. Study Project No. AB-74329-NTGS Record file
2017Nature and prospectivity of high-heat-producing granites of the central Aileron Province, Northern Territory-NTGS Record 2017-004thumbnail.jpg1 file
2016Organic petrography final report of Vaughton Siltstone outcropNorthern Territory Geological Survey; Weatherford Laboratories; University of QueenslandNTGS Technical Note 2016-0071 file
2017NTGS rock property data collection methodologies-NTGS Technical Note 2017-0011 file
2007Phosphate testing of waterbores and diamond drillcore in the Georgina, Wiso and Daly basins, Northern Territory-NTGS Record file
2017Shale analysis methodology of the greater McArthur Basin shale study: a compilation of analytical methodologies used by Weatherford Laboratories (Australia) Pty Ltd-NTGS Record 2017-001NTGSRec2017-001.pdf.jpg1 file
2015Broughton-1 stratigraphic log-NTGS Technical Note 2015-0041 file
2016Sedimentary characterisation of the Wilton package, greater McArthur Basin, Northern Territory-NTGS Record 2016-003NTGSRec2016-003.pdf.jpg1 file
2016Summary of results. Re Os molybdenite dating of W Mo mineralisation in the Barrow Creek pegmatite field, Barrow Creek, Aileron Province-NTGS Record 2016-006NTGSRec2016-006.pdf.jpg1 file
2016Summary of results. NTGS LA ICP MS U Pb program: Amadeus Basin, July 2014 June 2015-NTGS Record file
2016Summary of results. NTGS laser ablation ICP-MS in situ monazite and xenotime geochronology project: Arunta Region, Jervois Range 1:100 000 map sheet-NTGS Record file
2015Summary of results. Joint NTGS GA SHRIMP geochronology project: Arnhem Province, July 2014 June 2015-NTGS Record 2015-010NTGSRec2015-010.pdf.jpg1 file
2016Summary of results. NTGS laser ablation ICP-MS in situ zircon and baddeleyite geochronology project: Mount Peake Gabbro, Arunta Region-NTGS Record 2016-002thumbnail.jpg1 file
2002The Amadeus Basin : essential geochemical data-NTGS Record file
1989Petroleum Basin Studies: Arafura Basin-GS1989-0091 file
2000Carbonatites and related mineral deposits-NTGS Record 2000-015NTGSRec2000-015.pdf.jpg1 file
2000Operations and processing report, Amadeus West airborne geophysical survey, NTGS 1999 (flown by AGS covering parts of Bloods Range, Lake Amadeus, Henbury, Mount Rennie and Mount Liebig 1:250 000 map sheets)-NTGS Record 2000-004NTGSRec2000-004.pdf.jpg1 file
1999Birrindudu -Victoria River Basins proposed drilling programme-NTGS Record 1999-006NTGSRec1999-006.pdf.jpg1 file
2008Composition, provenance and timing of hydrothermal fluids in the Tanami-Arunta regions-NTGS Record file
2013Summary of results. Joint NTGS-GA geochronology project: Arunta Region, Davenport Province and Pine Creek Orogen July 2009 - June 2011-NTGS Record file
2009Summary of results. Joint NTGS-GA geochronology project: Arunta and Pine Creek regions, July 2006 - May 2007-NTGS Record 2009-001NTGSRec2009-001.pdf.jpg1 file
2000Hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Pedirka Basin, onshore Northern Territory-NTGS Record 2000-017NTGSRec2000-017.pdf.jpg1 file
2002The Arunta Province : open file exploration licence drillhole and geochemical data-NTGS Record 2002-009NTGSRec2002-009.pdf.jpg1 file
1990Petroleum Basin Studies: Bonaparte Basin-GS1990-0101 file
2000Tanami Region geochemical dataset-NTGS Record file
2014Stratigraphic drilling report for the Tanami and The Granites 1:250 000 map areas, Northern Territory-NTGS Record file
2003Georgina Basin stratigraphic drilling and petrography 1999-2002-NTGS Record file
2004Mineral commodities of the Northern Territory : compilation of seven 1989 reports prepared by Eupene Exploration Enterprises Pty Ltd-NTGS Record file
2003Pine Creek orogen : field excursion guide. Chief Government Geologists Conference, 28 April - 2 May 2003-NTGS Record 2003-003NTGSRec2003-003.pdf.jpg1 file
2003Rare earth element mineralisation in the eastern Arunta Region-NTGS Record file
2015Summary of results. Joint NTGS-GA geochronology project: Amadeus Basin, July 2013-June 2014-NTGS Record 2015-001.jpg1 file
Results 151-200 of 347 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).