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2018Revised stratigraphy of drillholes CPDD001, CPDD002 and CPDD003, Pipeline Prospect, northeast Amadeus Basin-NTGS Record 2017-015NTGSRec2017-015.pdf.jpg1 file
2018Summary of results. 40Ar/39Ar step-heating hornblende dating, Johnnies Reward prospect, Strangways Range, Aileron Province-NTGS Record file
2018Summary of mineralogy matches from HyLogger data, Walker Gossan WD series holes, Walker Fault Zone, McArthur Basin--HyLogger-Summary-Walker-Gossan.pdf.jpg1 file
2017Summary of results. NTGS LA ICP MS geochronology project: Jervois mineral field, Aileron Province, May 2014 - December 2014-NTGS Record file
2017The Vaughton Siltstone of the northern McArthur Basin: preliminary data and issues related to assessing its potential as a petroleum source rock-NTGS Technical Note 2017-0021 file
2017Summary of results. Re-Os molybdenite dating of the Johnnies Reward prospect, Strangways Range, Aileron Province-NTGS Record 2017-010NTGSRec2017-010.pdf.jpg1 file
2017Summary of results. Joint NTGS-GA geochronology project: Aileron Province, July 2016-June 2017-NTGS Record files
2017Summary of results. NTGS laser ablation ICP-MS in situ monazite geochronology project: Arnhem Province, Gove and Blue Mud Bay 1:250 000 map sheets-NTGS Record files
2017Unconventional Petroleum Resources in the NT The Roper Group of the McArthur Basin. Northern Territory Geological Survey-NTGS Record 2017-002NTGSRec2017-002.pdf.jpg1 file
2017Kyalla and middle Velkerri Resource Assessment: Gorrie, Beetaloo, OT Downs, and Broadmere Sub-basins. Study Project No. AB-74329-NTGS Record file